Canoe Sterns
-Find location for Dinghy-Tow Transom Brackets.

-Measure angle of stern at this point.

-Cut teak block 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" with appropriate thickness to allow the stern brackets to be mounted on the same plane.

-Using template provided for the stern bracket in the installation manual, pre-drill the holes for the mounting bolts in the teak block (a drill press is the best method for accuracy).
-Using a band saw or other method, cut the teak block on the diagonal which the stern of the main vessel represents.

-Place the outer half of the block in position on the stern and drill four holes through the hull.

-At this time, the bolts may be run through the outer block and hull and through the inner half of the block to check for hole accuracy.

-We suggest that the inner half of the block be epoxied in place at this time.

-When epoxy hardens, the bolts and outer blocks can be removed.

-Before installing the Dinghy-Tow Stern Bracket, use sealer around holes.

-Place stern brackets in place and push bolts through bracket, out block, hull, and inner block and then install backing plate, lock washers and nuts.

-NOTE: Depending on final thickness of the block, longer bolts may be needed than are provided in the kits.
Special Cases
Top View:
Top view of Dinghy-Tow mounted on a canoe stern. Note the teak blocks between the Dinghy-Tow brackets and the stern of the vessel. These blocks allow the pole to be mounted perpendicular to the dinghy transom.

Storage Position:
Dinghy in storage position.

Details of how to install the teak block to a canoe stern.

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