Features and Advantages
The concept is simple: Tow your dinghy backwards. Dinghy-Tow achieves this by allowing you to lift the stern of the dinghy out of the water. Dinghy-Tow has two stainless steel poles attached to the stern of the main vessel which connect to the transom of the dinghy with snap-on, quick-release fasteners. The accompanying tackle attached to the stern rail and to the outer end of the poles allows someone standing in the cockpit to easily lift the stern of the dinghy out of the water. By towing a dinghy in this manner, you can lift the dinghy at it's strongest point, the transom, where the motor, and consequently most of the weight, is located. This leaves only a small portion of the bow in the water, resulting in low drag.

Dinghy-Tow also solves the problem of storage. With the stern of the dinghy fastened to Dinghy-Tow, the outer ends of the poles become pivot points. The bow line of the dinghy can be pulled in, pivoting the dinghy into a storage position against the stern rail. Pulling in the tackle can further lift the dinghy into a higher and more secure position against the backstay. In this position, the interior of the dinghy and the outboard motor are protected from the elements.

Another feature of Dinghy-Tow is the manner in which the outboard motor can be removed from the dinghy. With the dinghy in the final storage position, the outboard motor is adjacent to the stern rail and is readily accessible for removal.

Technical Specs
1. Bow Lifting Line and Backstay Block (Qty 1)
-Barton Swivel Block
-Cable Mount Fitting for Backstay
-40' 3/8" Low Stretch Line
-Bronze Bow Snap Hook
-Line spliced to Snap Hook
2. Block and Tackle (Qty 2)                                     
-2 Barton Fiddle Blocks
-50' of 3/8" Nylon Per Side
-All Lines Spliced to Blocks
3. Pole Step (Qty 2)
-1/8" #316 SS
-Bonded Foot Pad
5. Lateral Control Cam Cleat Plate (Qty 2)
-1/8" #316 SS
-Welded Fairleads
-Ronstan Reversible Cams (mounts on rail or stantion)
-Automatically adjusts angle to load
6. Lateral Control Line (Qty 2)
-3/8" Rainbow Braid Low Stretch Polyester
-S.S. Carbine Hook, Snaps into Dinghy Transom Bracket
-Also used for Release Line from Cockpit
7. Stern Bracket (Qty 2)
-1/8" #316 SS
-Replaceable S.S. Sleeve over Pin
-Barton Swivel Block (for Lateral Control Line)
-1/8" S.S. Back Plate
8. Pole (Qty 2)
-1/8" wall 46" long square S.S. tube
-Universal Stern End Design allows for Vertical and Lateral Movement
-Each Pole Move Independently of the other
-Up to 36" of adjustment to keep Dinghy horizontal
9. Lateral Control Line Guide (Qty 2)
-Pivots on Pole
-No Chafing
-Carbine Hook passes through guide so lines can be uncrossed
10. Pole End Quick Release Fitting (Qty 2)
-Chrome over Bronze
-Cable Release from Cockpit
-Bolted on for easy replacement
-Up to 36 degrees of adjustment to keep Dinghy horizontal
11. Custom Transom Bracket (Qty 2)
-1/8" #316 SS
-Replaceable Sleeve over Pin
-1/8" S.S. Back Plate
-Allows for 270 degrees of Pivot
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U.S. Patent No. 5018473. Canadian Patent No. 1310549.