Dinghy-Tow for Powerboats
DAVRON MARINE PRODUCTS INC. has two models of Dinghy-Tow for power boats. These units use the proven technology that was developed for the original sail-boat model of Dinghy-Tow. Both of the power boat models have two main features:

TOWING of dinghy with bow in the water and stern raised
STORAGE of dinghy with bow pivoted in an upright position and supported with a stainless steel pole.

About the Powerboat Model
Dinghy-Tow for Powerboats - is designed to be mounted on express cruisers with swim platforms, with a low stern and with open cockpits. Two brackets are mounted approximately 24" apart on the swim platform so that the towing assembly can be attached. One other bracket is mounted either on the top of the transom or on a vertical surface at the top of the transom. This bracket supports the lifting line mechanism. All three of these brackets come with backing plates. A 47" stainless steel pole with snap fittings on both ends is also supplied to support the bow of the dinghy when it is in the storage position. A pad-eye is mounted on the floor of the dinghy, near the bow. One end of the support pole snaps into this pad-eye and the other to the stern bracket

Both the towing assembly and the lifting lines are held in place with quick pins for easy removal and storage.

Dinghy-Tow for Powerboats requires a solid transom to mount the connecting hardware.
Dinghy-Tow must be mounted on the center of the swim platform or stern. The dinghy can then be towed with the stern elevated and the bow in water with the outboard motor still mounted on the transom of the dinghy. Lowering and releasing the dinghy from this position can be done quickly and easily from the swim platform.

Lighter dinghies with plywood floors can usually be pivoted up into the storage position with the single line provided in the kit. For heavier rigid bottom dinghies, an optional 3:1 tackle is available from DAVRON MARINE PRODUCTS. If the outboard motor is tipped up and locked on the transom of the dinghy before the dinghy is pivoted up into the storage position, there is no need to remove the outboard motor.

-For the safe towing and storage of dinghy while cruising.
-The motor can be left mounted while towing or storing the dinghy.
-All dinghy equipment, (eg. gas tank), can be secured and safely left in dinghy while it is being towed.
-Less than 10 seconds to lower and release dinghy - all from the cockpit.
-Easy hook up.
-Only 3 quick-release pins, so Dinghy-Tow unit can easily be removed and stored below deck when not needed.
-When attached with Dinghy-Tow, the dinghy and motor can be used as an auxiliary power source.
-Dinghy-Tow can be installed on a stern with or without a swim platform.
-Except for unusual situations, all required mounting hardware and templates are included.
-All 316 stainless steel construction.
-2 year warranty.
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U.S. Patent No. 5018473. Canadian Patent No. 1310549.