Bud Matteson
We have enjoyed the Dinghy-Tow from the very beginning. Soon after getting the boat in the water, engine fueled and primed we took a short cruise down the river about a mile. On the return trip we stopped to talk with some friends on the shore, while backing out into the river we spun the shaft in the coupling. Not knowing what the problem was at the time, I dropped the dinghy into the water (with dinghy still attached to Dinghy-Tow), started the motor but in reverse and was able to return our new yacht to her berth. Now you understand what I mean when I say we have enjoyed our Dinghy-Tow from the very beginning.

Our boat is a 46 foot Horstman Trimaran, 1997. The dinghy is a Caribe 11 foot with an 18 HP Nissan.


Bud Matteson
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