Kendall F. Foley
My wife and I sail on the Chesapeake Bay -- we keep our 30' Cape Dory sailboat just across the bay from Annapolis.

I am entering my third sailing season with my Dinghy-Tow. It is a fantastic product that has made my sailing a lot easier. The Dinghy-Tow makes it easy to jump in the dinghy and explore anchorages. In addition, when I go aground (it happens a lot in the Chesapeake!), I can use the dinghy motor to pull the sailboat free -- it worked 3 times in 1998! I also used the Dinghy-Tow system to guide my boat back to the dock on our last sail in October.

We learned of the Dinghy-Tow from a friend. I promote the product every opportunity I have.

Kendall F. Foley
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