Bill Mascall
We purchased one of your Dinghy-Tows at the 1997 Toronto Boat Show in preparation for our trip to Newfoundland as part of the "Newfi Flotilla".

We left Toronto with the flotilla on May 11, 1997 starting with an overnight sail to Kingston, Ontario. During the night the wind picked up and developed into quite a storm with N/West winds on our quarter of about 35 knots with heavy seas. We corkscrewed quite badly all night down the lake and when dawn broke I quite expected to not see the dinghy at our stern. But there she was bobbing along at our stern, quite vigorously I might say, but she was still hooked on.

Our boat is a Nauticat 36 and the dinghy is a 10ft Brigg. It's a little heavy 95# and too large to stow on deck and those are the reasons we purchased Dinghy-Tow over other forms of dinghy attachment.

We arrived back from our trip to Newfoundland on Oct 4, 1997. We traveled a total of 3,850 nautical miles with the dinghy attached with Dinghy-Tow. We traveled through some horendous seas and not once did we have any trouble with the Dinghy-Tow. I would certainly recommend the Dinghy-Tow to anyone.

Yours Sincerely,

Bill Mascall
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