John Sprague
Very happy to send a letter on our experience using Dinghy-Tow. Lois and I got one in 1993 in time for one year of travel. We went from Lake Ontario down the canals to New York, down the coast, wintered in the Gulf of Mexico and the Keys, then back again. What a difference with Dinghy-Tow! For 4,700 nautical miles, we simply forgot about the dinghy and sailed the boat, looked at the scenery, and watched for birds. Pounding into seas or squeezing past a tug in a little waterway, the dinghy was always tucked on the stern, no fuss. Now we use it on the British Columbia coast with equal pleasure.

Long before Dinghy-Tow, we lost a hard dinghy in a storm on Georgian Bay; it filled with water and broke it's tow-line. After that, towing an inflatable was such a pain that I used to roll it up on deck every morning, then waste more time pumping it up when we reached an anchorage. Transferring the outboard was always agony, and once I dropped it (luckily recovering it from shallow water).

With Dinghy-Tow, the outboard and oars are always installed. We reach an anchorage, launch in 30 seconds, bring the gas tank, and go exploring.

Also, our dinghy is always ready as a lifeboat. It takes an inflatable canopy and a sea anchor. In a crisis we could load these things, other emergency gear, and take off. It saves us from the dead weight of a separate life raft on our small sailboat.

Our inflatable is an 11' Tinker from England with folding wooden floor. The outboard is 6 H.P.. Our 27 ft Albin Vega is a nice seaworthy Swedish sloop. It has a narrow stern but the Dinghy-Tow went on fine; Lois and daughter Chris installed it. We continue to be pleased with the high quality fittings. I enclose a picture of the dinghy tilted up to save space at Atlantic City, beside the casinos; and also two more taken at Clewiston, Florida.

So thank you Dinghy-Tow. We have blessed you hundreds of times for the pure pleasure of achieving a harmonious inflatable.

Yours Sincerely,

John Sprague
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