Jerry Gorman
I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my new Dinghy-Tow having sailed across Georgian Bay to the North Channel this July with my 13 year old nephew as crew, I was able to test your Dinghy-Tow system through the full range of sailing conditions. Whether sailing the open lake in breaking four foot seas or motoring through busy channels, I always knew the dinghy was secure. Yet the moment the anchor was down, it was fun to see how fast we could get the dinghy clear for quick exploration or a little fishing. With a little more practice I found that I could both release and hook up the dinghy by myself with the same sense of security and efficiency.

Having towed dinghies for 20 years, capped by a year doing the intercoastal waterways to the Bahamas, I have experienced the gamut of dinghy towing horror stories. At the approach to Block Island Sound in a rip tide and near gale conditions, I had my inflatable flip over and break free. On the Chesapeake Bay I had the dinghy doing 360 degree rotations behind the boat as we weathered a severe storm. Out in the middle of Georgian Bay I once towed a half-submerged dinghy with my knife at the ready to cut it adrift. Those days are over thanks to Dinghy-Tow.

Yours Truly,

Jerry Gorman
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